Loaders are used to transfer resources from a container to a pipe. They are used to add resources to equipment and systems that require resources such as fuel, water, and other fluid resources.

Loader Sprite
Grid size 1 x 2
Inputs Container
Outputs Container

Loaders are an item listed in orange bought from traders or salvaged by Logistics Drones.

Specialist VariantsEdit

Fuel LoaderEdit

Fuel Loader
Grid size 1 x 2
Inputs Fuel Container
Outputs Fuel Container

The Fuel Loader exclusively puts in and takes out fuel from the network. It is automatically provided in every ship upon creating one and features in the tutorial of the Praxis.

Oxygen LoaderEdit

Oxygen Loader
Grid size 1 x 2
Inputs Oxygen Container
Outputs Oxygen Container

Oxygen Loaders work with oxygen container only. Unlike the Fuel Loader, it is only automatically provided on Praxis and JMC Mining Station.


It delivers 20 units per second from any provided container to its output.