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The void as seen in the main view.
The void as seen in the Sector Map.

The anomaly, sometimes referred to as the void or the collapse, is a round blackness expanding from a collapsed star outwards into the universe.

Opinions on the void seem varied within humanity: some want to understand it and learn to counter it, some want to escape and focus on a nomadic existence, and others believe someone created it and should be brought to justice.

Each time the player moves a ship or fleet through hyperspace, the void expands at a rate approximately one-quarter the distance traveled by the player's ship or fleet. If the void overtakes the player, the game ends.

Contracts[edit | edit source]

Main article: Contract

There are several contracts relating to the void and humanity's various responses to it:

  • Analyse
  • Justice
  • Evacuation
  • Nomad

History[edit | edit source]