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An airduct sprite
Grid size 2 x 2
Power consumption 1 MW at rest
9 MW in use
Power category Life Support
Inputs Oxygen

An Airduct releases oxygen into the atmosphere of the internal section of the ship's main deck and habitation deck when powered.

It uses 1 power per second during charging and while at rest, when in use it uses 9 power

Air supply[edit | edit source]

On full capacity, it supplies 10 oxygen per second to the atmosphere. When the atmosphere is saturated, the airduct supplies just enough oxygen, to keep it that way, if possible. As one person needs ca. 4 oxygen per minute, ca. one airduct is needed for every 150 people aboard a starship.asd

Currently an airduct will use a little bit more oxygen then needed for maintaining a saturated atmosphere. Therefore, having more airducts (connected) than needed, introduces an oxygen leak, wasting a variable amount of it.