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Base cost $300 / sq
Mass 14
Toughness Variable (diminishing returns)

A starship's hull is the protecting layer between its interior and space. As solid construction material, it is used to construct the outer shape and shell of a starship, which will be hit by projectiles and asteroids, whereas scaffolding does not provide a protective shell. Hull can also be used for dividing the interior and does not block cables or pipes. Many weapons and other equipment is placed on the hull, penetrating the outer shell of a starship.

Constructing[edit | edit source]

Hull can be constructed at a Shipyard, just like the remaining construction materials. It can be rotated by pressing R to change its shape into a right triangle for all four corners. When doing so on the interior of a ship, one should place a square of interior befor placing the hull, to have a solid floor below the corner. Constructing one square of hull costs $300 at any shipyard.

Toughness[edit | edit source]

Hull provides Toughness with diminishing returns, your first square of hull will provide 56 Toughness but this will drop to 3 by your 100th square.

History[edit | edit source]