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Ore is a resource that can be mined from Asteroids by using Mining Lasers, and Logistics Drones to collect the Ore. They currently serve three purposes: selling to traders, completion of Contracts, and smelting to Ingots.

Precious Ore[edit | edit source]

Precious Ore can be mined outside of Contracts at any time from Asteroids, and can be smelted into Precious Metal. It sells for 2,100 or 2,200 per stack and stacks to 20.

Tilium Ore[edit | edit source]

Tilium Ore only appears during Contracts to extract it. However, it can continue to be mined beyond the delivery amount. Tilium Ore will eventually be refinable into FTL Charges.[1] Tilium ore can be refined via a smelter into Refined Tilium. It stacks to 30.

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