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Propulsion is provided by three main pieces of equipment.

  • Primary propulsion is provided by one or more engines
  • Secondary propulsion (maneuvering) is provided by thrusters
  • FTL propulsion is provided by the FTL drive and is not recorded in the debug menu

Below are some metrics for each form of propulsion using a ship with the bare minimum equipment and weight to propel it.

Ship Example
propulsion equipment max thrust test ship mass speed speed / mass ratio
engine 99 759 262 2.896946565
thruster 20 390 102 3.823529412
FTL drive - - - -

As of Alpha 1A, the debug menu is no longer accessible. The only metrics available are velocity and evasion. Using the same ship as above, the following can be calculated:

  • Engine: 269 velocity 269% evasion
  • Thruster: 51 velocity

It's worth noting that the evasion value does increase when making turns