Sleek Ship

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A view of the standard, unmodified interior of the Sleek Ship, as is presented to the player at the start of the game.

The Sleek Ship is one of the Pre-Built ships available to the player to start the game. Compared to other Pre-Builts, it is significantly bigger, having more space to work with. Unlike The Praxis, the Sleek Ship comes without any supplies or equipment, instead giving the player 1.000.000 credits to buy whatever they may need for their journey.

General structure and engineering observations.[edit | edit source]

The Sleek is a long vessel, subdivided by walls into 5 sections, from left to right: Engineering, Starboard wing and Port wing, middle, and Fore. The vessel's vast interior is perfect for space-intensive operations, and there are many walls onto which the player may mount weapons and other such equipment.

Another thing to note is that the Sleek has no habitation deck as standard, and as such the player will have to build it themselves.

The Sleek is armored at the points that separate the individual areas, and there exists extensive plating on the engine section at the rear.