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A child and adult Tiddlet, and a carrying crate.

Tiddlets are small, furry creatures introduced in The trouble with Tiddlets contract in which the Tiddlet Breeder asks the player to deliver a small group to the end of the sector. A Shady Buyer contacts the player and offers to pay extra for the Tiddlets for mysterious purposes.

Tiddlets breed telepathically and multiply during every FTL Jump the player takes. Long jumps can lead to Tiddlets dying of shock. If the player takes short jumps, they can quickly overrun a ship, leading to offloading times that can sometimes result in ships running out of resources.

History[edit | edit source]

  • DEMO1: Introduced.
  • Alpha1A: FTL travel speed increased. Tiddlet safe jump range updated from 22 seconds to 12.