Hyperspace Sensor

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Hyperspace Sensor
Hyperspace Sensor sprite
Grid size 2 x 3
Power category Logistics
Inputs Power
Outputs Data

Hyperspace Sensors collect data during FTL jumps for the Open Contract: Analyse. More sensors allow for faster data collection.

They are placed into the Hull of a Ship and are 2 x 3, with a 6 x 3 area of unobstructed space required for the sensors to extend, giving a total size of 8 x 3.

The trouble with Tiddlets contract will award the player with two long-range variants of the sensors, labeled as Hyperspace Sensor LR. These appear to have the same graphics and grid size as the regular sensors, but collect data significantly faster.

History[edit | edit source]

  • Update1.rc2: Introduced.
  • Update2.rc1: Added interior space constraint.
  • DEMO1: Introduced long-range Hyperspace Sensors.
  • DEMO2B: Hyperspace Sensor LR correctly categorised as Logistics.