Waste Treatment Machine

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Waste Treatment Machine
Grid size 3 x 2
Power consumption 1 MW at rest
10 MW spinning up
9 MW in use
Power category Logistics


Outputs Compost
Waste water

The Waste Treatment Machine converts Sewage into Compost and Waste Water when powered. The waste water output can be connected to a Water Purifier or a tank.

It uses 1 power per second at rest and while charging. On spin up, during use, it uses 10 power, and 9 power while active.

Production[edit | edit source]

It stores 30 sewage and produces 2 compost in ca. 14.5 s, if the output is blocked. If the output is unblocked, the waste treatment machine produces 27 waste water and 1 compost in ca. 10.8 s and delivers it through its outputs. It converts ca. 2 sewage into ca. 1.8 waste water and 0.2 compost per second, therefore its overall conversion ratio is 1:1.