Water Purifier

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Water Purifier
Grid size 2 x 2
Power consumption

1 MW charging and at rest

9 MW in use
Power category Logistics
Inputs Power
Waste Water
Outputs Water

The Water Purifier takes waste water from sewage recycling or ice and purifies it.

It converts Waste Water, from Waste Treatment Machines and Ice Grinders, to Water when powered. The water output can be connected to an Oxygen Maker or a Tank.

Production[edit | edit source]

It stores 18 waste water in ca. 7 s, if the output is blocked. If the output is unblocked, the water purifier produces 18 water in ca. 6.3 s and delivers it through its output. It converts ca. 2 waste water into ca. 2 water per second, therefore its conversion ratio is 1:1.